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Metabolic Technologies, Inc. (MTI) products can be found virtually everywhere across the country - in health food, nutrition, and sports stores, and online at and other sites - and is available in a variety of forms to suit your needs.


is a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine. The calcium salt form of HMB (CaHMB) aids in increasing muscle protein by decreasing protein breakdown and increasing protein synthesis. Studies have shown that supplementing with HMB during training increases strength, improves endurance, and aids in a faster recovery.
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  is the pure, free acid form of HMB. This powerful delivery form is rapidly absorbed so you get a higher peak level in the blood as well as improved retention by tissues resulting in maximum results. Studies have shown that BetaTOR combined with an intense training program increases strength, endurance, and power; improves body composition; and aids in recovery. Learn more >


  is the combination of the ingredients BetaTOR and PEAK ATP. When you combine two ingredients that improve performance, the results can be additive or synergistic (greater than the sum of each taken separately). With BetaATP, you get the Power of Synergy as the combination results in a synergistic increase in performance. Research has shown that these two ingredients have a powerful benefit on performance; helping you improve lean body mass, strength, and power. Learn more >


  is the powerful combination of HMB and Vitamin D3.  While it is well known that HMB increases lean muscle mass and strength gains, and improves recovery when combined with intense training, only recently has it become apparent that another nutrient, Vitamin D3, is also essential in helping muscles reach their full functional potential!  These nutrients have been shown to act together to promote muscle health, improve lean muscle mass gains, and increase muscle function.  Learn more >

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