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BetaATP™ wins Sport and Energy Finished Product of the Year Award

June 18, 2015

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BetaATP™ wins Sport and Energy Finished Product of the Year Award

Ames, IA – Metabolic Technologies, Inc. and TSI Group Ltd. are proud to announce their co-developed sports nutrition product, BetaATP™, has been awarded the 2015 NutraIngredients’ Sport and Energy Finished Product of the Year award.  This announcement follows the Nutra Ingredients’ awards ceremony on Wednesday May 6th that took place in conjunction with Vitafoods Europe 2015 trade show in Geneva, Switzerland.

 A panel of independent Judges and experts chose the winning product on several criteria, including its viability in the market place, validated scientific research, innovation and creative marketing.

BetaATP™ was developed through a collaborative research partnership between ingredient innovators Metabolic Technologies, Inc. (MTI) and TSI Group Ltd. (TSI). BetaATP™ is a combination of two active ingredients BetaTOR® and PEAK ATP®. BetaATP™ improves the results of intensive training by increasing gains in lean body mass, muscle hypertrophy, strength, and power.  BetaATP™ has also been shown to have a synergistic benefit on power and performance during times of increased training frequency and intensity.

According to TSI USA Inc.’s President, Larry Kolb, “the fundamental goal of our collaboration with MTI was to create best-in-class products that help consumers maximize and maintain healthy active lifestyles. We achieved this goal with this revolutionary product for athletes.” Shawn Baier, COO of MTI, added, “By uniting the key strengths of both companies, we created the perfect balance of innovation and science.”

BetaATP™ is exclusively marketed in North America by Iovate Health Sciences and it is offered in Iovate’s Muscletech product line.
 “We are proud to be partnered exclusively with TSI and MTI on the successful commercial launch of the BetaATP™ combo in our Pro Clinical Muscle Stack SX-7 product” noted Raza Bashir, Associate Director of Scientific Affairs at Iovate. “BetaATP™'s clinical results are unprecedented in the sports nutrition market and proves why it is the go to supplement for serious athletes who want to push the boundaries of their muscle size, strength and performance.”

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About TSI
TSI is a world-class manufacturer of innovative and functional health products for human consumption.  TSI strives to build the highest quality products, including sports nutrition ingredient PEAK ATP®, to maximize and maintain active, healthy lifestyles for consumers. For more information please visit

About MTI
MTI is a research driven company dedicated to the development of credible, safe and effective nutritional products including HMB® and BetaTOR®.  MTI sets product standards that meet or exceed the highest industry standards and support products by research and testing at top universities.  For more information please visit:

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